It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my page. I was busy for a while working at Grassroots and CPM and kind of lost touch with my art. I have, however, rediscovered my love for photography in the form of 35mm.


I had the pleasure of working at Sonic Bloom festival again this year. This was my fourth year attending the festival and second year working as an official photographer. Every year I count down the days to when I can be reunited in the woods with my friends and family. It’s always such a magical experience and every year I come back feeling like a completely different person; better and refreshed.  I wish I could just go play in the sunshine forever.


I just thought I should share this picture. I discovered this spot when I went garage skating with the boys downtown.

I’ve been having an insane amount of fun spending time with the boys, not only getting a smidgen bit better at riding, but also just soaking in the sunshine and watching how good they are! We were shooting some new prototypes for Seismic Skate Systems in front of the Denver Art Museum. Made for an awesome backdrop until we got kicked off the property, turns out it’s illegal to skate ANYWHERE downtown. Too bad, the pictures we took here were really sweet!

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting a couple of my all time favorites, VibesquaD and Eskmo; as well as a new favorite, Phutureprimitive. I have shot for Aaron Holstein (AKA VibesquaD) at everyone of his shows in the last 2 years or so in Colorado it seems like. While he is not only a remarkable musician, he’s also a remarkable father and family man, something that I find to be completely intriguing and admirable about him. One of his shows about a year ago at the Fox in Boulder I had a really long discussion with him about his family and how important they are to him, and that, my friends, is why VibesquaD is one of my absolute favorite artists. He melts faces, and still finds time to tuck the kids in. Eskmo, while I have shot for him several times, I have still never really talked to him. I don’t often get starstruck but there is something about that man.  I will talk to him someday…hopefully. And Phutureprimitive was just one of those artists that was a complete badass, awesome to talk to, super grounded and humble. I really enjoyed getting to know Rain (Phutureprimitive) and I’m hoping that he wouldn’t mind having me back for his show with Shpongle in April. Well, enough rambling, enjoy some tasty visual treats. Did I mention that Euphonic Conceptions did an incredible job with the lighting this night? Well…they did.

Recently I’ve started rediscovering my love for long boarding. I’m not sure if its this beautiful weather or the fact that I’ve been spending more time with my friends that ride. My goal is to be able to ride just like the boys by the end of summer, and gosh dangit it will happen. Mark my words. For now, I’m just content shuttling them up and down Lookout Mountain and taking pictures of them as they fly by me.

The other day I decided to tackle a new photo medium. MEANt clothing [] asked me to photograph their model so they could use the images as part of their Spring 2012 lookbook. It was a wonderful experience indeed and the pictures turned out just beautiful! Model- Demery Beggs